Welcome to The 1st Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church of Sacramento's Coffee Shop

Our team of baristas is standing by and ready to share the love of God with carefully crafted cups of Cappuccinos, Lattes, Italian Fizzes. Although, don't let our recepies limit your imagination - tell us what you want in a cup and we'll carefully construct it.

Keep an eye on our seasonal items that include:

  • - Japanese Matcha
  • - Green tea ice cream
  • - Milk Oohlong - Chinese milk-fermented loose leaf tea with decadent hints of caramel and milk. In China, this tea was only available to the Emperor's court.
  • - Red Velvet Robe - fermented oohlong loose leaf tea. Sits in the middle between black and green teas.

- Mountain Fog - fermented and smoked loose-leaf tea.

Note: Please come to the coffe shop and claim your purchased drink(s) at the end of a service, unless stated otherwise.